Beautiful picture of God’s breakthrough for the protection and provision

A beautiful picture of God’s breakthrough for the protection and provision and prosperity in a widow’s miraculous lockdown… 2Kings 4:1-7

🏺In just seven verses we see a desperate widow going from being in debt crisis to being in abundant supply, through believing in the prophet of God, who had the Word in due season for her. This should encourage those who are struggling right now because of the Covid 19 lockdown.

🏺Often our Faith goes through a Season of Refinement. Instead of Complaining, in this Lockdown, let us Submit to God’s Authority and allow Him to Refine Our Faith for Growth. God is Faithful to honor and reward us for His Glory.

God knows our needs before we ask Him. In fact, He has known them from All Eternity.

Then why do we need to ask?
Because it causes us to be Dependent on Him, it Demonstrates our Faith and to Testify that it is He Who Ultimately Meets our Needs, Matthew 6:8 &32

On Whom or What or Where have you placed your Faith Today in this Lockdown?

🏺 Elisha’s First Miracle in 2Kings 4:1-7, the two boys of the widow woman were at the verge of being taken as bonded slaves. Their dreams and aspirations were going to be cut short. They were going to be robbed of their future destiny and any hope in life. The boys were the future hope for the family. They could be the Breadwinners or become Prophets like their father.

🏺 Thank God for Praying Mums who could intercede for their children when Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy, John 10:10. Their Mother went to Elisha and reminded him of her husband’s right standing with God. The Children of the Righteous will not be forsaken, Psalm 37:25.

🏺 In the midst of a financial crisis the mother brought her problems to God. Elisha needed something from her so that she can become part of the miracle. She had to part with something to partake in the Miracle. There has to be a human involvement in any Divine Intervention. The Woman’s little oil was much in God’s hands. God will use what we have in our hands when we release it into His Hands by Faith.

🏺God wants us to come to Him as His Children and in Faith, with His Glory always in view, to ask for our needs according to the Will of God. Too often we either take Him for granted or act as though He does not care.

The Widow had to do exactly what she was told to do. She risked her reputation and went to borrow vessel

Who would lend their vessels to someone who had nothing?

🏺Obviously she had a good relationship with her neighbors. The whole neighborhood got involved in her Miracle that took place behind closed doors without any Fanfare. No boasting or publicity. With faith and obedience she cleared her debts and had enough left over for her households’ maintenance. Our God is Jehovah Jireh who will supply all our needs, Genesis 22:14.

Dear Child of God, Remember this, Our Miracle is in our mouth. When we Speak life into a Dead, Difficult Debt Situation we activate the Resurrection Power by Faith. We have to learn to hook up with what God has already said about the Situation, in His Word. When we Trust Him and Stand on His Word, the Same Power that Raised Jesus, which is now IN US, Will go to Work, Ephesians 1:19-20. The widow trusted the Word of the man of God and she did exactly as told

Love thy neighbor as yourself is a Royal Law, James 2:8. Her neighborhood obviously were doing what God’s Law required especially when it comes to the welfare of widows and orphan and caring for them is the acceptable,pure and faultless religion, James 1:27.

In this pandemic situation when there is an economic depression affecting the poor with huge financial debts, could we reach out and help our neighbors? We should not be in a spiritual lockdown just because we have to keep social distance. Let us as the called out people of God, the Royal Priesthood Community life by the Royal Law and be a blessing in this Corona Crisis, to bring glory to God, he who helps the poor are lending to the Lord, God will do miracles behind the closed doors for each one of us to bless others with our surplus. Flow to go, glow to give… Amen🙏

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