Miracles that were done by prophet Elisha

In 2 Kings 4-7 we see the amazing miracles that were done by the old testament prophet Elisha.

Chapter 4 tells us about the time when he instructed a widow to take all the empty vessels that she could get from her neighbours and begin filling them with the little oil that she had left, and as she obeyed him, the oil kept flowing till every empty vessel was filled and she was thus able to sell the same and pay her debtors, as well as had enough to live on throughout her lifetime, vs 1-7!

Next, we see him prophecy that the generous lady of Shunem who showed them amazing hospitality would have a child, and not just that, he even raised the child from the dead when the child died on account of an illness years later, vs 8-37!

In the same chapter we see him making a poisonous meal edible by suggesting that flour be added to it, vs 38-41, as well as, multipled the food that they received as a gift, and it was more than enough to feed a hundred guest with some left over too, vs 42-44! In Chapter 5, we read of the prophetic Word that he gave in order for the commander of the king of the Syrian army to be healed from his skin disease, as he humbled himself and obeyed the same, vs 1-19!

In chapter 6, we see him retrieve a borrowed axe head that was lost in the river Jordan by cutting of a branch and throwing it in at that spot, vs 1-7! On several occasions, he instructed the king about the places that were to be avoided as the Syrians were planning an attack there, vs 8-10, and Israel was saved from being attacked many times as a result!

Eventually, when the Syrian army besieged Samaria, and the food supply ran out, vs 24-30, it was at Elijah’s prophetic word that things changed drastically in favour of the Israelites, such that the Lord caused the Syrian camp to hear the sound of chariots and horses and a large army and this made them imagine that the king of Israel has paid the kings of the Hittites and Egypt to attack them, so they got up and fled for their lives, leaving behind their tents, horses, and donkeys, 2 Kings 7:1-7.

It was indeed a great deliverance which came through Elisha’s prophetic word, and wherein God used helpless lepers to inform the king about this great happening! If such great feats could be accomplished by an old testament prophet, just because he was determined to put God’s Kingdom first and refuse to turn back no matter what the provocation or cost, then how much more, we as New Testament believers who choose the same route will be able to accomplish far more in terms of life as well as ministry!

So many people were blessed through his life, and even the commander of the king of the Syrian army received his miracle too! What a great loss there would have been for God’s people had Elisha, just like Gehazi, 2 Kings 5: 20-27, chosen to run after the earthly instead of the heavenly!

How is it with us? Are we making sure to give God’s kingdom first priority such that we are willing to count all earthly gain but loss compared to the far greater value of knowing Christ Jesus our Lord, Philippians 3:8?

If this is true about us, just as it was with prophet Elisha and the Apostle Paul, then assuredly our lives will bear witness of the same to the glory of God and the good of His people. Amen.

Rowena Thomas
Mumbai, India.