Cornelius, A Centurion

Acts 10:38


Jesus went out doing good.
It is evident that He did good personally.

The evangelists constantly tell us that He touched the leper with His own finger, that He anointed the eyes of blind, went Himself to the sick bed and cured.

Here is a lesson to us.
If we would do good, to do it ourselves.

Give alms with our own hand; a kind look,or word, will enhance the value of the gift.

Speak to our friends about their soul; our loving appeal will have more influence than a whole library of tracts.

Our Lord’s mode of doing good sets forth His incessant activity.

He did not only the good, which came close to hand, but He “went out “on His errands of mercy.

He has left us an example that we should follow in His steps.

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Cornelius, A Centurion

Acts 10 th chapter.

What can we learn from this Cornelius?

  1. Cornelius was not a Jew. He was a gentile. He was living in Caesarea as a centurion in the Italian Regiment.
    He was a devout man. He feared God with all his household.
    He gave alms generously to the people.
    He was praying always to God.
    He was a just man and had good reputation, or good witnessing life.
    He didn’t know Jesus. But Jesus knew every detail of him. So Jesus wanted to save him and to fill him with the annotation of the Holy Spirit.

He sent an angel of God , to Cornelius and asked him to summon Peter, to preach the word of God to him. He even told about the address of Peter clearly, where he was staying . Yes, today what kind of life we are living? How about our prayer life?, fear for God and witnessing life? Not only him, his whole household was like him.

  1. The Lord who advised Cornelius, through a vision confirmed Peter to go to Cornelius house, though he was a gentile. ls it not a wonder? Cornelius was waiting with his relatives and friends for the arrival of Peter, for listening his words. When Peter arrived, he welcomed him with great love and reverance. He even fell down at his feet and worshipped him . But Peter lifted him, and corrected him not to worship men. Yes, never fall down before anyman and never worship any humanbeing.
    Here Peter was coming to Cornelius after God’s guidance through a vision. What a great work of God to follow? Even Cornelius was not selfish. He had burden for the souls and so invited his relatives and friends to his place . Do we have the burden for the perishing souls?
  2. When Peter was preaching about Jesus Christ, all the people who heard the word of God, accepted Jesus as Saviour and received the anointation of the of Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues and magnifying God. Yes, the word of God is powerful. When we search and hear the word of God, with thirst and truth, definitely He will reveal Himself to us. Yes, God shows no partiality. He hears our prayer and sees our life.
  3. Those who received the anointation of the Holy Spirit, now took Baptism in water. Thus they received inheritance to kingdom of heaven.
    Cornelius never went in search of Jesus, because he was a gentile. But Jesus who saw his just and devout life, fear of God, generous alms and witnessing life, came to him and blessed him. Yes, let us also make decision to follow the witnessing life of Cornelius and receive heavenly blessings. Amen, Hallelujah.

Dr. Padmini Selvyn.