Paul and Silas Acts chapter 16

We are in difficult days as we deal with a drastic change in our lifestyles.
We have had to stay home from the workplace.
The children have had to stay home from school.

We all could be frustrated, fearful an become angry if we concentrate on the things over which we have no control. We need to be encouraged by concentrating on the One who is in Control of all things – our wonderful God.

The question “why does God allow these things to happen” has been asked and answered so many times these last two months that we will not spend the time to respond again at this time. What we want to do is answer the question “what do I do today”?

We will look again at Paul and Silas being imprisoned in the city of Philippi. While we are not imprisoned as they were, our movements are controlled by others and we are restricted to our homes.

To glorify God. Acts 16:25-34
Paul and Silas were arrested, accused, and assaulted by the citizens of Philippi. They had been preaching the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, but the reason they were accused of wrongdoing was that many people had gotten saved and they stopped buying the idols from the idol makers in the city.

Prayer Acts 16:25
Paul and Silas believed with all of their hearts that God hears and answers prayer.

We bring glory to His name through our trust in His –

Protection Acts 16:26-29

When we think about the protection from God, we immediately think that God protected them from being killed by the angry crowd.

  • Our Present Endeavors Will Raise Up A Future Generation for Christ
  • We Must Be Sensitive to the Leading of the Holy Spirit
  • God Will Lead Us To People Among the Pagans Whose Hearts Are Prepared for Him
  • The World Can’t Beat Prayer and Hymns from Our Hearts
  • Our Enemies Need Jesus
  • Whenever Possible We Should Stand Up for Our Civil Rights

💫Here in Acts 16 we have a group of Believers in Christ, who were led by the Spirit and were assertive about sharing their faith in a pagan world.

They were vilified for doing good. They were seized, whipped, and imprisoned by an intolerant mob. But their spirits were unsinkable and at the darkest point of the night, the midnight hour, they were praying and singing songs of praise to God.
The magistrates could take the skin off their back, but they could not take the song from their heart.

The devil could beat them physically, but he could not beat them spiritually. He could not beat the faith and love and joy out of their hearts.

And so a church was planted, which became one of the strongest churches of the first century and which later gave us a priceless gift—the epistle of the Philippians.
The world may throw us down but it can’t keep us down, for we know Him who was and who is and who is to come; and in Him we are more than conquerors.

✍️🍐Mrs. Kalaiselvi Balakrishnan in Jesus Christ 🍐✍️