Moses and his father-in-law Jethro

Exodus 18 : 7, 8. When Jethro, the father -in-law of Moses came to know that Moses was in the wilderness, encamped at the mountain of God, he came there with his daughter, the wife of Moses, and his 2 sons. So Moses went to meet them and let us discuss what we can learn from their meetings.

  1. Moses went out to meet his father- in- law, bowed own and kissed him.
  2. They asked each other about their well-being and then went to the tent.

Today, when we see our elderly father- in -law, mother -in -law or parents, how we are receiving them ? Whether we express our love to them? Let us search ourselves. Moses, who was leading 6,00, 000 people had time to enquire, and express his love to his father-in- law. But today this love and care is missing in many so called Christian homes. Let us repent from this negligence.

  1. Moses told Jethro, all that God has done for Pharoah and Egyptians, for lsraelites sake, and all the hardship they faced on their way and how the Lord delivered them. This is the real witness Moses told to magnify God. In our life too, during our past life, we can’t count the way how God delivered us from our bondages, various problems and diseases . But, do we tell, what all God did in our life to our relatives when we meet ? Or do we waste our time talking all, world news ? Let us not be ashamed to tell our witness whenever or wherever possible.
  2. When Jethro heard the witness of Moses,
    1. Jethro rejoiced for all the good, which the Lord has done for lsrael.
    2. He blessed the Lord, who has delivered from the hands of Egyptians.
    3. He told witness that, now l know that the Lord is greater than all the Gods.
    4. He offered burnt offering and other sacrifices to God .
      5.They ate bread with father- in- law of Moses,in the presence of the Lord.
    5. Also he gave counsel, how to judge the people. He advised Moses to stand in the presence of God. He advised to select able persons who fear God, men of truth, hate covetousness and to make them rulers of thousands, hundreds, fifties, and tens to judge the people. Moses was accepting the counsel of his father- in – law. Do we accept or ignore the counsel of elders ?

Yes, let us express our love and concern towards in – laws, relatives and magnify God. Let us not ignore the counsel of elders Let us magnify God through our witnessing life. Amen. Hallelujah

Dr. Padmini Selvyn.

©️ Accepted Counsel ©️

Moses though a great leader was willing to accept the counsel of his aged father-in-law. Moses from morning to evening served as judge for the people. His father-in-law told him that what he was doing was not good. He had to choose capable people to judge the people. Only the very difficult cases should be brought to him. Moses listened to his father-in-law and that kept him from being worn out.

⛰️ At Mount Sinai ⛰️
God was going to meet the people. God told Moses about this. On the third day there was a thick cloud on the mountain and a very loud trumpet blast. Moses led the people to the mountain. God allowed Moses only to come to the top. All the people had to consecrate themselves. God gave Moses the Ten Commandments. God clearly told the people to keep away from idolatory.

📜 Further Laws 📜
God gave Moses clear laws regarding the Hebrew servants who were slaves and about personal injuries.

Protection of Property
Laws regarding protection of live stock, fire accidents stealing of property were given.

®️ Social Responsibility ®️
Laws regarding marriage, widows and orphans lending money and sacrifices were given. The Lord wanted the people to be His people and follow the commandments and laws.

Mrs.Caroline Chellappa 📝

🌹 Man to Remember 🌹

Jethro the father-in-law of Moses is a man to remember. He had fine qualities that made him exemplary and a role model. Now for a deeper study about Jethro the Midian priest.

Cordial Man
Moses spent forty years tending Jethro’s flock. God called Moses from the burning bush for a specific mission. Moses did not tell about God’s call to Jethro. He merely said he wanted to return to Egypt to see his people. And immediately without any hesitations Jethro told him to go in peace. Jethro was cordial in his relationship with Moses.

🌹 Purposeful Man 🌹
Jethro came to the wilderness to leave his daughter and grandchildren. Jethro came with a definite purpose to see Moses. Does our coming and going have definite purposes?

Pious Man
Moses told Jethro all that God had done for them in Egypt. The Bible says Jethro rejoiced and blessed the Lord God for all His goodness and the ways in which He delivered them. Jethro offered sacrifices to the Lord God of Israel (Ex 18:12). He was a man who firmly trusted the Lord God of Israel.

🌹 Discerning Man 🌹
The next day Jethro saw the people waiting to talk with Moses from morning to evening. And Moses sat alone to inquire about their problems (Ex 18:13-15). Jethro could discern the stress and strain Moses was enduring in his role as a judge. Jethro was a man who saw the problem his son-in-law faced. We need parents and in-laws who can discern their children’s hardships and guide them meaningfully.

Wise Counselor
Jethro immediately gave him a valuable counsel that really helped everyone. It easied the matter for Moses and the Israelites (Ex 18:19-23). He taught Moses to select able men and impart the duties accordingly. Moses heeded to him and his burden was shared to a large extent. Elders in the family need to impart genuine counsel in the most cautious manner.

🌹 Dignified Man 🌹
Jethro came to leave his daughter and grandchildren with Moses. He came and then left very soon to his own land. What a man Jethro was! He came, he saw, he gave and he left. Jethro knew his limitations and maintained a dignified boundary with Moses. He avoided interfering in their family and ministry issues unnecessarily and distanced himself appropriately.

Dear Ones in Christ, we need to learn the art of social distancing to maintain healthy relationships. One cannot barge into another’s life forcefully be it friends or colleagues. Parents also need to maintain certain amount of distancing after their children get married. May God endow us with divine wisdom so that we become assets in our children’s life.

God bless us to be channels of blessings.

Mrs Sheela Jebakumar ✍️