Abraham is one of the most important men in all of history

Day 3
Genesis: 12: 10:- “Now there was a famine in the land, and Abram went down to Egypt to live there for a while because the famine was severe.”

Genesis 12 may be one of the most famous chapters in the Bible.

Here we see the calling of Abraham.

Abraham is one of the most important men in all of history.

We think of Abraham, or Abram, as this man of great faith who left his family, his home, his possession, and just picked up and left one day when God told him to go.

But here we see that faith is followed by a famine.

The famine is more than an event in Abram’s life.
The famine in the land caused a famine in his own heart.

Here he shifted into survival mode and took matters into his own hands as we all do.

He was worried that when the Egyptians saw his beautiful wife that they would kill him so they could take her.

Instead of trusting God to protect the wife who He promised would be the mother of many children, Abram comes up with his own scheme.

Here the father of faith failed; he is living by fear.

But here is the difference between a man of faith and a man of fear.

ABRAM WAS A MAN OF FAITH because when he failed, he got up, brushed himself off, and started over again.
That’s faith.

But a man of fear gives up. A man of fear stays on the ground.

❓ Are we facing a time of famine in our life?

We often fail in times of Testing.

When God puts us in a test, don’t try to bypass it.
Just pass it. Don’t sidestep it. Walk through it.

If we try to bypass the test, God will make us face a different test in a different way in a different place.

God remains faithful to us, even when we are faithless.
And He can bless us, even when we are wrong.

Learn from our failure and move on ..

Keep trusting in God and in His word

Jooley Mathew Zachariah