God often shows up in the most unexpected situations

Genesis 43:1 Now the famine was severe in the land.”

The famine was severe and it is threatening to kill the people of God.

In the midst of this crisis in Egypt, Jacob and his family lived in Canaan.
Jacob sent his sons to Egypt for grain.
Jacob is still under the sorrow of losing Joseph.
So he did not allow his youngest son, Benjamin, to go for fear of losing him too.

But Joseph was in Egypt and had been elevated to a position of authority.

As his sons headed to Egypt, Jacob had no idea that the journey would lead to a family reunion.

God often shows up in the most unexpected situations.

Some times we may be going through an emotional and spiritual affliction can lead to what I call a “famine of the heart.”

The famine of the heart is a time of distress, and it may often result in total dryness.

When our heart is extremely hungry, we grow more confused, hopeless and weary with each day.
It may lead us to depression and the pain will never stop.

Here in these pits, we may wonder: “Does God really care, is He good?”

But Believe!!!!!!
In the toughest times, God is waiting for the perfect opportunity to bless us.

We may be going through an emotional, spiritual or financial famine.

Don’t be afraid, God is in control.

Think back over last year.*

How did God unexpectedly bless us?

Jooley Mathew Z