God Remembered Noah in his lockdown

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Day 2, 270 Days Bible Reading, Thursday, 16.7.20.

Just as God Remembered Noah in his lockdown, He Will Remember us in our lockdown…Genesis 8:1.

🌧️Writing my insight about Noah’s Ark in a Covid 19 lockdown from an unplanned destination, is much more meaningful than writing it from the comfort of my kitchen table. We can all identify with Noah’s lockdown to some extent. I read in the social media that more and more people are becoming restless, anxious, depressed and suicidal. Mostly because of the insecurity of their future and the fear of not knowing how long the Covid 19 will last. Noah was lockdown in the Ark for more than a year.

🌧️For more than one year, Noah was shut in with his family and animals as companions. How long can we be in a room with our families without getting on each other’s nerve? This lockdown has brought attention to the increased domestic violence and abuse globally, especially among those in the low economic strata.

🌧️ Noah had to be still and know God on the troubled waters. Noah knew that the flood no matter how bad it was, had an expiry date, but the promises of God has no expiry date. Yes, the Covid 19 lockdown has an expiry date which God knows. When God shuts us in for a purpose, we got to learn to stay put until He brings us out for a higher purpose.There is a reason why at times God will have to shut us up in an Ark. When the waters rose, the Ark rose with it. It didn’t drown. It went up higher and higher and stayed above the waters. Likewise, when we surrender to God as we are surrounded by the flood of the Corona Pestilence, we should arise stronger and stronger with God’s grace and power. God is large and in-charge of any flood like situation.

🌧️We have to learn to rise above the waters, Genesis 7: 17-20. Noah survived the flood waters, for more than a year. He was not distracted or disturbed. Nothing moved him. He was so in tune with God. He had no time to be bored but waited for God to open the Ark, Genesis 8:15. Trust God when we are shut in, to be shut out, so that we can come out with a Shout, a Shout of Victory because we won’t be like what we were when we were shut in. The most reassuring words are, “After the flood, Noah lived 350 years”, Genesis 9:28. Yes, our floods too will come to pass. Isaiah 43:2 Promises the Presence of God in the Waters

🌧️Dear Child of God, Remember this, Noah in Hebrew means Rest or Peace Noah found Rest in God’s Peace in the midst of the Flood, while the flood was cleansing the earth of everything corrupted by sin. No matter how big the flood is, God will keep you afloat, to give you new purpose and a new assignment when the flood waters recede. He is not only a Covenant Keeping God but He is also a Remembering God, Genesis 8:1. God remembered everyone and everything in the ark. He will remember all those who matter to you as you bring them all to God. God preserved Noah and his family for greater purpose and God will preserve us too for a greater purpose. The Bible Reading Program will keep us afloat, keep reading and sharing and enjoying the Presence of God in our lockdown… Amen🙏

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