Some contrasts between Esau and Jacob

Purpose of God vs 23. one people shall be stronger than the other and the elder shall serve the younger. God’ s choice of Jacob was not influenced by any merit in Jacob or faults in Esau.

Their different ways of life vs 27 Jacob was a plain and a quiet man, dwelling in tents .on the other hand Esau was a hunter. Jacob was a shepherd more concerned with caring of animals.

The affection of their parents Rebecca remained barren for 20 years. Isaac intreated the lord.Sometimes God delays His gifts to teach us greater dependence upon Him. Whereas Isaac and Rebecca were united in their love for God, they were divided in their love for their children. They should have loved their children equally while recognizing Jacob as God given precedence. Their home was dived by their partiality and favoritism Division like “his son ” and “her son” was a recipe for disaster.

Their attitude to spiritual things Jacob had his priorities right. He valued the birthright with all its spiritual privileges but Esau treated it lightly.and was willing to part with it readily.and cheaply. He sold the birthright for one red lentil stew. He said what good can this birthright do me?. Is our affection set on things above or on things on the earth

Cynthia sathiaraj