Isaiah 14

This chapter gives us insight into how things will look like when satan’s Kingdom in a Nation is destroyed and God blesses and exalts that Nation.

It speaks of Israel being chosen as God’s special people and them being restored to their land, vs 1. Resident foreigners will also join them and God will supernaturally move others to help them be restored to their land.

They will now rule over those who formerly oppressed them, vs 2! They will be relieved from suffering anxiety and hard labour. Oppression and hostility will cease, vs 3-6! There will be rest, quietness and songs amidst great rejoicing, for death and destruction will have passed away, vs 7,8!

For, the splendor of the powers of darkness and those people and rulers who were governed by these evil spirits will be weakened and brought down to Sheol. They will lie on a bed of maggots, with a blanket of worms over them, vs 9-11.

This was because they chose to exalt themselves in their hearts and took the place of God Almighty, during the time that God had exalted them with a position, instead of giving glory to the Lord alone, vs 12-15. It will be astounding to see how greatly they have fallen for they will almost be unrecognisable, vs 16,17!

Such people who have sought to usurp a position that only God can hold will be brought down lower than all the others who were also evil, but not as bad as these, vs 18-20. Even their children who did not stand against their evil deeds will have to suffer punishment too, vs 21. All such who have partaken of the spirit of Babylon in this manner, will be dealt with by God , Himself, vs 22! God will make sure to blot out their remembrance and make their abode one in which all kinds of evil spirits dwell, vs 23-24.

God will also do the same to those partaking of the spirit of Assyria, so that their oppressive yoke and burden will be lifted from the shoulders of His people, vs 25, and nobody will be possibly able to stop His plan, 26,27! Even the Philistines will be punished by God by means of famine and death through an invading army from the north, so that the poor among His people will lack nothing and dwell securely and in safety, vs 28-32!

Now is the time for us to cleanse ourselves from all defilement of flesh and spirit, and perfect holiness in the fear of God, 2 Corinthians 6:14-18, 7:1, so as to ensure that we won’t be wiped out with those whom God is judging, but rather be part of His special, remnant company who will be restored to their land and dwell in abundant prosperity, peace and safety! Amen.

Rowena Thomas
Mumbai, India.