Jeremiah 26

There will always be those who support the true prophets of God and those who fight against them! And this will truly show where each one stands in their walk with the Lord.

When Jeremiah boldly stood for and proclaimed the Word of the Lord fearlessly, as per the Lord’s command, vs 1-5, telling the Lord’s people that if they didn’t repent then God would do to the temple what he did to His house in Shiloh, vs 6, then, all at once, some of the priests, the prophets, and the people grabbed him and shouted, “You deserve to die”, vs 7,8.

They said so because they felt that it was wrong on Jeremiah’s part to dare to claim the Lord’s authority and prophesy such negative things, vs 9! However, Jeremiah was delivered from their wicked plans because the officials of Judah rushed to his rescue.

Jeremiah stood his ground and continued to proclaim, in the presence of all, that this negative fate surely awaited them, if they refused to humble themselves and repent, but chose to continue in rebellion against the Word of the Lord which he was sent to proclaim, vs 10-14. He also warned them that by killing him they would only add to their sins the guilt of murdering an innocent man, vs 15!

The officials of Judah, being convinced by Jeremiah’s words counseled the people to react just as king Hezekiah did to Micah’s prophecy, on account of which the Lord showed the land favour during king Hezekiah’s reign and the judgment of God was averted as a result, vs 16-19.

Further, Ahikam, son of Shaphan, also used his influence to keep Jeremiah from being handed over and executed by the people, vs 24. Thus Jeremiah was delivered from their hands and did not suffer the same fate that Uriah did, who was another prophet who prophesied as the LORD’s representative against the city and land just like Jeremiah did, vs 20-23!

Today, we too have similar choices to make in the midst of the different prophetic voices that we hear proclaimed in our land.

We can choose to either be nonchalant and let the righteous prophets, who dare to share God’s Word in truth, be persecuted before us, or else we can choose to speak against them or in their favour, thus putting ourselves in danger too!

Although, we often choose the side of personal safety and convenience, yet if those who stand for the Lord’s truth in humility are not outrightly supported by us, then if they are persecuted or killed, we too will be accountable for their blood and the Lord will repay us for our deeds, Proverbs 24:11,12!

Let us determine walk uprightly, for only then we will not have second thoughts about standing by and supporting those prophets of God who are truly sent by Him. Thus we too can share in their ministry and be pleasing unto the Lord, even though we may be ostracized or rejected by men! Amen.

Rowena Thomas
Mumbai, India