The book of Job

✍️👳🏻‍♂️ THE 📖 OF JOB
Days: 111 Job: 1 – 3
Monday: 02.11.2020

Job was a very rich man, and although he did not belong to the people of Israel, he worshiped the Lord and was a truly good person. But Satan talked to God and accused Job of serving God only because God was blessing him. God agreed to let Satan take away Job’s wealth, his children, and finally, his health, to see whether Job would stay faithful to God. Job did remain faithful.

Bad things happen to good people .
The book of Job opens in verse one by telling us that Job was a blameless, upright man who feared God and turned away from evil. Then…his life unraveled. Job’s suffering did not come because he was bad but rather because of his unwavering faithfulness to God. (Job 1:8)

Overcoming Adversity
Job 1.20-22
Job’s life was in ruins, His financial security had come crashing down four times in a row. His family had been destroyed in a natural disaster. Everything that had made his life happy had been wiped out.

Job’s response was twofold. He grieved heavily like any normal person would. Then he worshiped God. It is only when we acknowledge the power of God that we can put life in perspective. God never promised us an easy life, but he does promise to be with us always.

Comfort for Those Who Hurt
Job 2.11-13
When a friend is suffering or a family is grieving, we rarely know what to say. The sincere words of compassion we use can sound hollow and meaningless. Job’s three friends heard of his suffering and came to visit, and they did a remarkable thing. Rather than filling the air with small talk and idle chatter, they sat with Job in silence. For an entire week, they remained by his side in support of their friend.

Job’s friends brought comfort… until they opened their mouths.

In the midst of suffering, we must never lose our hope in God.
Job says: “Though he slay me, I will hope in him.” No one and nothing can steal your joy or your peace when your hope is in God.
Never lose your hope in God!

Our friends may fail us in the midst of our misery but God never does.
Job’s friends put him on the defense. Job said of his three friends: “Miserable comforters are you all!” Job proclaims where his deep strength flows from:

For I know that my Redeemer lives, and at the last he will stand upon the earth.
And after my skin has been thus destroyed,
yet in my flesh I shall see God,
whom I shall see for myself,
and my eyes shall behold, and not another.
My heart faints within me!

One day – we will see with our own eyes our Redeemer!
He is alive today and forevermore and because He lives – we can face tomorrow with victory!

✍️👳🏻‍♂️Mrs. Kalaiselvi Balakrishnan in Jesus Christ 👳🏻‍♂️✍️