Where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth?

Job 38:4 “Where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth? Tell me, if you have understanding

All through this book, Job had been wrestling with why God allowed some horrible events to happen to him and he wanted to argue his case before God.

He was wanting some answers directly from the Almighty.

But God did not answer Job’s question directly, instead, God asked Job a series of questions.

God asked Job around 77 (I am not sure) questions about cosmology, oceanography, meteorology, and astronomy that cannot be answered by anyone in this world.

The first question was “Where was Job when God was laying the foundations of the world?”

God was reminding Job and his friends of their human limitations.

When we read this whole chapter and the next couple, we find question after question that God puts in front of Job to make him understand the limitations of God..

God was telling Job that “Job, I am God and you are not.” “So I don’t need to answer you, but just trust me.”

Sometimes we may do the same, we may ask God,….. “God, why don’t you do it this way?”; as if we know the best solution for the problems.

instead of sitting and judging God, on how God is doing things, we need to hear this question again…. “Where was I when God formed the universe?

So….. We have every reason to humble ourselves and trust Him.
He has all the answers.

God is our Father and our Shepherd and our Friend. He is the Good Shepherd who can lead the flock to green pastures and quiet waters.

He cares about our dangerous, unfortunate situations.
He knows our struggles.
He cares about it and He wants to do something about it.

So …. the next time, when the question, “Why” is echoing in our heart, turn to the one with all the answers, to our Jesus Christ, who is the Way and the Truth and the Life.
Let us pray and lay each of our burdens at God’s feet.

This doesn’t mean God will instantly remove all our suffering, …….
…….. but it sets our minds straight when we cast our burdens at His feet and acknowledge we can’t do much about what’s happening in our world, but He can.

Today, let us trust the Lord with everything. Praise God!

Jooley Mathew Z