Jesus only and always did what He saw the Father doing

John 14

Jesus spoke words of comfort and encouragement to His disciples, and gave them His peace, even though He knew that He was about to go to the cross, and that they would betray Him!

Infact, He told them not to be distressed, but to believe in Him and in His Father too, vs 1,27. He comforted them that He was, infact, going to prepare a place for them and would also come back to take them with Him, vs 2,3,18-20.

Therefore, it is only when we seek God’s face concerning our trials like Jesus did, and know the path that He wants us to take, that we will not be offended with those who don’t stand by us on account of their own lack in spiritual maturity, but will infact become a source of encouragement and blessing to them instead!

He then went on to explain to them that He was going to the Father and the only way to the Father was through Him, and infact, knowing and seeing Him was akin to knowing and seeing the Father Himself, because Jesus only and always did what He saw the Father doing, vs 4-10,24,25,28. The miraculous works that He performed were proof indeed of this fact, vs 11!

He also said that those who believed in Him would do similar works and even greater ones, vs 12, because He was going to the Father and He would ask the Father to send them the Holy Spirit who would be their Advocate, Teacher and the One who would remind them of the Word in their hour of need, vs 26, provided the showed their love to Him by walking in obedience to all His commandments. It was only such disciples who would receive a revelation of Him, vs 21,23,24.

It was then that their prayers would receive answers, so that the Father may be glorified in Him, vs 13-16. These privileges could not be enjoyed by the world, for they did not meet the required conditions, vs 17,22.

He told them these things while He had the time, for when they saw it happen they would believe that He indeed is the Son of God, vs 29!

He Himself always proved His love for the Father by His obedience, so even though the ruler of the world was to come, he would have no power over Him, and in this way the world would know that He loved the Father, vs 30,31. Jesus being the perfect representation of the Father is our highest example.

As we follow Him in obedience to all the Father’s Word, we too will not be offended when people betray us, but instead become a source of encouragement and blessing to them. Further, our prayers will have tremendous power, for we shall only pray in line with the Father’s perfect will, and being mightily filled with the power of the Holy Spirit, we will perform greater deeds than Jesus Himself did!

Besides, when the antichrist appears, he will have no power over us, and so, the world will know that we, indeed, love the Father! This is the abundant life that God has called us to live in Christ Jesus. May we know and walk in our inheritance without any further delay.

Rowena Thomas
Mumbai, India.