🤝The divine deliverance🤝

📖 Jonah 2:10 – So the LORD spoke to the fish, and it vomited Jonah onto dry land.

So the Lord spoke to the Fish
🐋The words, “So the Lord spoke to the fish,” might seem fairy tale-like or present day cartoon movie.
🐋 God, who created this universe and every living being in it (including the fish), commands His creation to do something on behalf of the crown of His creation – mankind.

📍The parting of the Red Sea,
📍Balaam and the donkey,
📍The ravens that fed Elijah,
📍The rain that God withheld and then sent during the time of Elijah,
📍The sun that stood still during the days of Joshua,
📍Daniel in the lions’ den,
📍The winds and the waves that were calmed on several occasions during Jesus’ time on earth,
📍The sun that stopped shining during Jesus’ crucifixion and more.

✨All these were done by God and on behalf of humans.
✨In this case too, we see God speaking to the fish, on behalf of a human named Jonah.
✨When God intervened in such supernatural ways, it wasn’t just to protect His people or to give them a sign.
✨ God wants His people to be a blessing to the whole world.
✨When God parted the Red Sea, it was to save His people, the Jews, through whom His Son Jesus would come into the world, so that the whole world had a chance to be saved.
✨When the sun stopped shining during Jesus’ crucifixion, it was a clear sign to all the world that Jesus was the Son of God who had come to bring Salvation to the whole world.
✨God was doing everything in and through us so that the world will be blessed.
✨Let’s never forget this bigger picture of God’s plan for not just our lives, but for the whole world as well.

…and it vomited to Jonah…
⚡️*When God speaks, His creation obeys – all but humans though.
⚡️Isn’t that interesting, that the part of creation, that is not created in the image of God, is far more obedient to God, than we humans, who are created in His image?
⚡️Jonah was led to repentance.
⚡️*He repented of his rebellion and was now willing to go ahead and fulfill God’s plan.

“…on to dry land…..”
💫 These are amazing three words that often go unnoticed when we go through the story of Jonah.
💫The fish went in to the depths of the sea – to the foundations of the mountains, where Jonah went.
💫 But here, w e see that when God speaks to the fish to vomit Jonah, it vomited him on dry land.
💫Imagine if it had vomited him in the middle of the sea!
💫 He had decided to go to Nineveh, after spending three days and three nights in the living submarine as it were.
💫With no effort on Jonah’s part, he arrives on dry land.

♥️ Life Lessons
Isn’t it amazing that sometimes, when God decides to do something in and through us, no one – not even we can get in His way?
💥Disobedience can take us far away from God.
💥But, repentance causes the Lord to bring us back to the path and in ways that we could never have imagined.


Princess Hudson

🐋 The Classroom 🐋

Classroom is the place where education is imparted. God places us in peculiar classrooms where we are spiritually tuned and toned. Jonah’s classroom was the belly of the fish. Inside the belly of the fish, Jonah repented, acknowledged his short comings, humbled himself and pleaded for mercy. He renewed his commitment for God’s work.

The belly of the fish protected Jonah from the perils of the sea. When God places us in hidden places, it is to preserve and protect us. We will not perish in it. We will not remain in it forever. God knows when to bring us out. And He will bring us out at the right time.

We will be in that place until we are tuned and toned for His mission. It is in the dark room where negatives are processed to become colorful photos. It is in the tight spot where we are changed and charged to shine for our Master.

When the purifying process is accomplished, God will command situations to turn in our favor. Until then, let us prayerfully and patiently wait in His classroom.

God bless us to be channels of blessings.

Mrs Sheela Jebakumar ✍️
January 29, 2021