Jesus lifted women up from the agony of degradation and servitude

270 Days Bible Study Insights Luke 8-9
Jesus lifted women up from the agony of degradation and servitude to the joy of fellowship and service in Jewish culture, women were not supposed to learn from rabbis. By allowing these women to travel with him, Jesus was showing that all people are equal under God. These women supported Jesus ministry with their own money. They owed a great debt to him because he had driven demons out of some and had healed others.

8:16,17. When the light of the truth about Jesus illuminates us, it is our duty to shine that light to help others. Our witness for Christ should be public, not hidden. We should not keep the benefits for ourselves alone but pass them on to others. In order to be helpful, we need to be well placed. Seek opportunities to be there when unbelievers need help.

8:18. Applying God’s Word helps us grow. This is a principle of growth in physical, mental and spiritual life. For example, a muscle when exercised, will grow stronger, but an unused muscle will grow weak and flabby. If you are not growing stronger, you are growing weaker; it is impossible for you to stand still. How are you using what God has taught you?

8:25. When caught in the storms of life, it is easy to think that God has lost control and that we’re at the mercy of the winds of fate. In reality, God is Sovereign. He controls the history of the world as well as our personal destinies. Just as Jesus calmed the waves, he can calm whatever storms you may face.

9:1-10. Note Jesus methods of leadership. He empowered his disciples (9:1), gave them specific instructions so they knew what to do(9;3,4), told them how to deal with tough times)9;5), and held them accountable (8:10). As you lead others, study the Master Leader’s pattern. Which of these elements do you need to incorporate into your leadership?

9:2. Jesus announced his kingdom by both preaching and healing, if he had limited himself to preaching, people might have seen his kingdom as spiritual only. On the other hand,if he had healed without preaching, people might not have realised the spiritual importance of his mission. Most of his listeners expected a Messiah who would bring wealth and power to their nation, they preferred material benefits to spiritual discernment. The truth about Jesus is that he is both God And man, both spiritual and physical, and the salvation that he offers is both for the soul and the body. Any group or teaching that emphasises soul at the expense of body, or body at the expense of soul, is in danger of distorting Jesus’ Good News.

9:23. Christians follow their Lord by imitating his life and obeying his commands. To take up the cross meant to carry your own cross to the place where you would be killed. Many Galileans had been killed that way by the Romans. Applied to the disciples, it meant to identify completely with Christ’s message, even if it meant death. We must deny our selfish desires to use our time and money our own way and to choose our own direction in life without regard to Christ. Following Christ is costly now, but in the long run, it is well worth the pain and effort.

9:24,25. If this present life is most important to you, you will do everything you can to protect it. You will not wAnt to do anything that might endanger your safety, health or comfort. By contrast, if following Jesus is more important, you may find yourself in unsafe, unhealthy, and uncomfortable places. You will risk death, but you will not fear it because you know that Jesus will raise you to eternal life. Nothing material can compensate for the loss of eternal life. Jesus’ disciples are not to use their lives on earth for their own pleasure—they should spend their lives serving God and people.

9:48. Our care for others is a measure of our greatness. How much concern do you show to others? This is a vital question that can accurately measure your greatness in God’s eyes. How have you expressed your care to others lately, especially the helpless, the needy, the poor—those who can’t return your love and concern? Your honest answer to that question will give you a good idea of your real greatness.

9:62 – What does Jesus want from us? Total dedication, not half hearted commitment. We can’t pick and choose among Jesus ’ ideas and follow him selectively , we have to accept the cross along with the crown, judgement as well as mercy. We must count the cost and be willing to abandon everything else that has given us security. With our focus on Jesus , we should allow nothing to distract us from the manner of living that he calls good and true.
Clara Radhakrishna