Do we flavour Lives? The Lilies of the field


Matthew 5:13 “You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness… it is no longer good for anything, except to be trampled be men

🍃🌷SALT. What a familiar image. So common, we may not even think of it. But Jesus uses it to drive home a very important lesson to his disciples.

🌷🍃We may be very ordinary people, but we have a very important role to play if we are Jesus’ disciple.

🍃🌷How bland food is without salt. Like salt gives flavour to food, as followers of Christ we should flavour the lives of all those who come into contact with us. The Jesus flavour. We should spread a pleasant flavour into weary, broken, disheartened lives. Others should desire the flavour we spread.
But do we add flavour?

🌷🍃There’s a warning also in Jesus words. If we have lost the Jesus flavour, if we are lukewarm and living a life of compromise with the world then we have lost our flavour and only deserve to be spat out.

May the Lord help us to be the salt of the earth.


🌸The Lilies of the field

🌸During our most difficult moments, God faithfully reminds us to have hope and “consider the lilies of the field” in Matthew 6:25-34.

🌸The lilies were probably the “Red Turk’s-Cap Lily”. It grows abundantly in the district of Galilee and its fine scarlet flowers are very conspicuous, striking and showy.

🌸The Turk’s Cap Lily flowers are unique and gorgeous and grow to a nice size, and each one has six luscious petals. The petals have a sleek curve and appear to reach upwards as though seeking the warmth of the sun. The leaves near the base of the flower are a glorious combination of green, yellow and orange. As the petals of the Turk cap lily reach the center, they become bright orange flowers. The orange color becomes a bit darker red as it proceeds to the tips of the flowers petals. When in bloom, they become the delight and pride of any garden.

🌸Jesus asks the people to take a break from their anxiety, fear and worry, to look how beautifully God clothed these lilies in the fields. These lilies neither toiled nor spun to look the way they did. 🤔

🌸Even King Soloman in all his splendor, the richest king 👑 there ever was in the Jewish history, was no competition for this beautiful lily. And he had a host of attendants to dress him up. 🙄

🌸The lily is a flower that symbolizes hope. And Jesus knew, we humans have a tendency to panic and worry, about days ahead. So he pointed to the lily, as an example, to have hope in God troubling times.

🌪When the storms of life threaten us.. Do we get worried or do we hope in the providence of God. ?? 🤔

🌸Let this humble lily be a gentle reminder for us that we are never alone to handle our daily problems. 🛐

🌸Jesus, our hope, is there with us, every step of life, with his abundant love, strength and grace to handle any issues that come our way.

🌸So the next time you see a lily around, let it encourage you to trust in the providence of God instead of being anxious, fearful or worried.😔
God bless 🙏
Shabana D’souza, Mumbai