My experience with the Bible reading program

I hail from a Christian family. Since childhood my grandparents, parents, my aunts made sure I read my Bible everyday and pray. Though I read it, I didn’t do it wholeheartedly. I did it anyway so I can escape punishment or being shouted at. When I joined college I got close to God and decided to finish reading the Bible atleast once. I tried many times to read the Bible from Genesis but somehow I used to quit in the middle as I couldn’t understand or I wasn’t consistent. I tried following some reading plans too but they were not systematic. The portions were from different books of the Bible. It was a struggle for me.

I got introduced to this Bible reading program by a dear friend. She added me to the 180 days program towards the end. I didn’t read much as I was busy with my own routine and the program ended. As I came to know that 210 days Bible reading program is going to begin I joined it and wanted to be intentional this time and finish reading the Bible. I had no idea what God had in store for me, I cherish the experience. It was not easy, I had many distractions, my mom fell sick followed by my dad so I couldn’t read portions many days but I always tried to finish the portions whenever I could. The insights along with historical background and context helped me understand things which I never understood earlier. It was truly an enriching experience and by God’s grace I was able to finish the program. I was overjoyed to finish reading the Bible. I am so grateful to God that I finally completed reading Bible for the first time in my life after so many failed attempts. I felt accomplished 😇 Glory be to God alone 🙌🏻

I started recommending this program to friends, family and contacts as I wanted them to benefit from it too and added them . The best thing about this this program is that it’s systematic and you don’t read from 2 different books at the same time which can be quite confusing.

I have also joined in the 240 days program and I am continually being blessed by it. I thank God for this initiative by Rev. C. V. Abraham and all the coordinators, admins, insight writers and participants who contribute and spend time reading God’s word. May God bless each and every person who is a part of this program.

Do make sure you read everyday and even if you miss please continue reading but don’t quit or leave the group. Stay blessed 😇

Ray – Admin for group 920