The Blessed Parent’s Blessed Children

📖 Numbers 26:58-59
Amram and Jochebed were the most blessed couple in “Israel’s Deliverance History”. Though nothing is recorded much about them yet people know much about their children. Their children were blessed and ordained by Jehovah:
📌 One became the High Priest of Israel.
📌 One became the first Prophetess of Israel.
📌 One became the Liberator of Israel.

The unsung queries “Who are their parents or whose children are they” ❓ must have echoed throughout their journey 👣

📝 Aaron, Miriam and Moses were born under the slavery in Egypt. They had a bitter experiences in Egypt; witnessed the signs and wonders of Jehovah in delivering the Israelites (in Egypt, Red Sea and in the wilderness); faced the grumbling and murmuring of the fellow Israelites; saw Jehovah’s judgement and had failed a number of times in leading the community in the wilderness 👣

📝 Numbers Chapter 20 is one of the saddest chapter. It gives us the information about the Death of Miriam and Aaron – the two prominent figures of ISRAEL’S PROMISED LAND JOURNEY 👣

🌹 Miriam, who had played a significant role in rescuing Moses, her younger brother, from Pharaoh’s decree ( Ex 2:1-10) ; who had led a group of women in praising Yahweh (Ex 15:19-21) had criticised and opposed Moses (Num 12:1-15) and was struck by leprosy. Later on she died and was buried at Kadesh (Num 20:1)

🌹 Aaron was chosen to be Moses’ spokesman; known for his sins and failure in leadership @ Golden Calf (Ex 32:1-24); opposed Moses yet he was ordained as High Priest (Lev 8). Later on Jehovah told Aaron and Moses that Aaron would die and declared that he is disqualified to enter the Promised Land (Num 20:12 , 24) .

The place and the process of Aaron’s death was fixed / foretold (Num 20:22-29):

☑️ On a hill (Mount Hor) far away.. they (Moses, Aaron and his son Eleazar) went up to witness Aaron’s death ⚰️
☑️ The whole community of Israelites saw them going up and were eagerly waiting for their return.
☑️ Moses removed Aaron’s garments and put them on Eleazer.
☑️ Aaron died on the top of the mountain (Mount Hor) .

📌 Moses was left alone – his sister and brother had died yet he was not disheartened because he was STANDING FIRM ON THE PROMISES OF GOD 👣 🙌

💕 Beloved Church, people still remember Aaron and Miriam even though their journey had ended halfway from the Promised Land.
📌 When our journey would come to an end:
What legacy would we leave behind ❓
In what way would people remember us ❓

Nearing life journey’s end,
Be my Guide, be my Friend,
Give me strength overcome;
I’ll not go all alone ,
For by grace I’m thine own
Take my hand, precious Lord
Lead me home..

Glory to God 🙌
✍🏽 Mark Boje, ArP 🇮🇳