God causes all things to work together for good

Romans 8:28

And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.

💝 Today I wish to share about my good and bad experiences of the pandemic. Like many of my brethren, I too suffered emotionally, physically, spiritually, loss in business, separation from loved ones etc. I felt very bad that I could not receive Jesus sacramentally and shed many tears when I realized that I many times chose not to go to ⛪ church everyday for Holy Mass celebrations. As the longing for Jesus in my ♥️ heart deepened, I felt the spiritual communion as a consolation of Jesus to me and I truly started to believe that Jesus had come into my heart because I longed for Him. I started to speak to Jesus through the online Eucharistic adoration and poured out my heart to him and told him how much He was important to me and how much I longed for Him each day. My longings were fulfilled by the Lord as the Lord Himself inspired me to be a part of the Holy Mass celebrations in a church. (2-3 kilometers away from my house) I was overjoyed that God was so merciful to me and to others who were able to come in that place for Holy Mass by following some guidelines.

💝 Last year, I was unable to read the Word of God and prayed to our loving Jesus to give me another chance to read and learn about the Word of God. I was happy when I came to know that in July month, this program about Bible study group would begin so I joined it. I asked Jesus for His grace to be faithful everyday and till today, His grace has kept me faithful and also God inspired me through one member to write reflection about the Word and share my faith experience and how wonderful things God did in my life.

💝 God has truly blessed me and my life and made me a stronger and better human being in this pandemic. God has filled me with His love and grace and has deepened my faith in Him.

💝 Lord Jesus I Thank You for bestowing Your wonderful blessings upon me and filling me with the knowledge of Your love and mercy to the whole of mankind and for taking care of our spiritual and material needs. Lord Jesus may the whole world bless Your Holy Name and come to love You and also come to believe that You work everything for our good. Amen.

6975 – Patsy Fernandes