How great thou art!

The difference between heaven and earth is so very vast that there is no example we can use to illustrate it. Our galaxy is called the Milky Way and, according to scientists, in this galaxy to which our solar system belongs there are over 30 million suns. 1.5 million earths can be put into one sun, and there are in all about 100,000 galaxies.

God put all these 100,000 galaxies together and created heaven. This gives us some idea of the vastness of the heavens. “The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth His handiwork!” exclaims the Psalmist (Psa 19:10) God created this vast universe and, side by side, He created the tiny earth in which we are just little specks.

Compared to the majesty of the universe, how insignificant is man, and yet God Who could and did create such glory, made man in His own image! He Who created the entire universe also created this puny man. This reveals to us the greatness of God and also His great love for man. “When I consider the heavens, the work of Thy fingers, the moon and the stars which Thou hast ordained; what is man that Thou art mindful of him? and the son of man that Thou visitest him?” (Psa 8:4).

How wonderful our God is! Dear reader, what have we to boast about? The Lord has shown us how much He caress for us. If you have this revelation you will never be worried or concerned about earthly things.

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Stay Blessed 😊

God does not tolerate evil Psalm 24

God doesnot let unholy people into His presence Ps24:3-6. He requires perfect purity _spotless actions, an uncontaminated heart, a soul that doesnot make anything more important than Him, a tongue that never lies, a life focused on chasing after God. Each of us sin. Rom 3:23 and without holiness no one will see the lord Heb 12:14. But because of the death of Jesus we can draw near to God. Heb 10:22 God doesnot tolerate sin. Strive to live holy lives to go near to God.

Cynthia Sathiaraj