Worldwide Revival

Lack of proper food leads to malnutrition. Malnourished people are susceptible to various sickness as they don’t have enough resistance capacity. Severe malnourishment can even lead to death. When people don’t get or take proper spiritual food, it leads to spiritual malnourishment. They could be yielding to various temptations as they don’t have the spiritual strength to resist these temptations. Today we can see lots of people without spiritual strength. This leads to nominalism, materialism and worldliness among Christians and in churches. Are we concerned about the spiritual condition of the people around us? We can help people to take enough spiritual nourishment, to grow in faith and to be fruitful and productive. Many of us are very busy in our secular life and don’t have time left for the Lord. May God help us to give top priority for the Lord in our life. Harvest is plentiful but labourers are few.

Let us give ourselves as labourers. God is asking Whom shall I send? Who will go for us? Let us give ourselves to be tools in His Hands to bring people closer to the Lord and to revive our churches. How much of our time and resources are we willing to give for the Lord and for the extension of His Kingdom? God is doing great things through the Bible reading programme. Every person who is willing to be used by the Lord, can join as an admin, in a new WhatsApp group for 270 days Bible reading programme, which will be starting on 15th July 2020. Upto 256 members can be added to a group to systematically read and study Bible. Regular sharing of insights in the group by different people is a big help in the study. Not in our ability but in our availability. Lord who used ordinary fisherman to turn the world upside down can use ordinary people like us.

Are you concerned about the Spiritual condition of your Church, District, State or Country? This is a wonderful opportunity to do something about it. You can contribute a lot by just using your mobile.

In 240 days Bible reading programme, we got thousands of WhatsApp groups and people from around 90 countries of the world in around 35 languages.

Our prayer is to form lakhs of WhatsApp groups and we request you to join as a group admin. You can even join as a group coordinator to start 10 or 25 or 50 or 100 groups. Please encourage all your dear ones to join as admins in new WhatsApp groups. People from anywhere in the world could be added. We can start programme in any language in the world. Write down the names and numbers of all those who are interested.. Let us continue to pray for a worldwide revival. Please write to me personally after 15th June, if you are interested to join as a group admin or as a group coordinator. We will be giving you further help and assistance.

May God help each one of us to serve Him with gladness.