💫To God be the Glory💫

Dear Friends in Christ,

When I was a teenager, Evangelical Union played a great role in my life, in inspiring me to maintain quiet time with our Lord early in the morning. So I had been following this habit of reading The Bible early in the morning, following Our Daily Bread devotional, sitting at the feet of our Lord and listening to His whispers of Love!

Of course, I had tried to read the whole Bible many a times, but couldn’t do so, in such a systematic way, until I joined 180 Days Bible Reading Program, the link of which was posted in my WhatsApp by one of my friends. I joined the group and enjoyed reading the Bible with the insights written by many God’s children!

Then I joined the 210 Days Bible Reading Program, as an admin to one group, by accepting the call given in the group by Rev. C.V.Abraham.

I enjoyed being an admin, when I felt how blessed I was to facilitate, around 250 people to read The Word of God through that single group. My church friends, my students whom I had taught and relatives were all invited and they too joined the group and read The Bible.

What a thrilling joy it was for me!

So, when the 240 Days Bible Reading Program started, Rev. C.V.Abraham threw a challenge to me to start 100 groups. I willingly took up the offer and submitted my request all my 250 members of 210 Days Group to become Admins and by God’s Grace, 100 of them came forward to be Admins and thus, God helped me to create 100 groups.

Then came another great task before me, to translate English insights into Tamil, because there were only a few Tamil insights. Since I wasn’t
tech-savvy, I didn’t even know how to handle the Tamil keyboard. But, to my pleasant surprise, Our Heavenly Father taught me step by step, how to do the translation! When I took those baby steps, I made some mistakes, of course! But I graduated in Tamil gradually!

Then, my joy knew no bounds!

Then came the bigger challenge!
Rev. C.V.Abraham suggested, if I could start 1000 groups this time for the 270 Days Bible Reading Program! I first thought it was such an overwhelming task! But still, I just said “yes”, trusting Our Great God to do great things, for His Glory, even through a novice like me!

Our Faithful Saviour helped me to get as many as around 50 Group
Co-ordinators, each willing to take charge of 10 to 25 to 50 to 100 groups and about a 100 plus admins and thus I was able to reach the target of 1000 groups and another 100 over and above that!
WoW! How faithful our Heavenly Father has been! It’s His work and He performs it for us! We just have to obey HIS call!

For all this, do you know what a great reward, God gave me? Just as He has promised in Acts 16: 31 – “Believe in The Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved- you and your household.”- He
made many of my family members (for whom I had been praying for years together), to read The Word of God regularly and to grow spiritually! All Glory to His Holy Name!

Now, I find no words to express my joy!

So, dear friends, let’s all pledge to join as Admins, Group Co-Ordinators, and Mega Group Co-Ordinators and take The Word of God into the hearts and homes of millions!

May God enable Rev. C.V.Abraham and his team to scale greater heights in building God’s Kingdom, as we will be launching the 300 Days Bible Reading Program next!

Please pray that our Heavenly Father will help me and my team to create as far as 50,000 groups for the upcoming 300 Days Bible Reading Program and bring Glory and Honour to His Holy Name!

In Christ’s Service
Princess Hudson