Teach your child to Rule

2 Kings 11: 21
Seven years old was Jehoash when he began to reign.

It is evident that age is not a restriction for one to become a king. Jehoash is the youngest king in the bible, he was anointed by the priest at his very tender age, at 7. The number 7 speaks of perfection. Teaching our children about the anointing of the Holy Spirit is the perfect time. He was saved by his aunt Jehosheba and anointed by his uncle Jehoiada. The prime qualification for one to become a king is anointing.

We will encourage our children in their studies, music, sports and so on, right from their very tender age. We don’t want to compromise in their secular standard of living. We take all the necessary actions to safe guard their future. But when coming to their spiritual standards we say, still they are very young for that reason. It is the responsibility of every Christian parents to bring up their children in godly manner right from their very young and tender age, and one should understand it very well.

Anointing is mandatory for a king to rule and reign. Our children from their very young age should reign over sin sickness and death. It is our responsibility to make them to understand the importance of receiving the anointing of the Holy Spirit and steadfastly continuing to experience it. We can very well understand that every anointed king is not successful, many have gone astray and some were lacking in some areas. But the fact is, every king has to be anointed. The most important responsibility of the parents is, we should teach our children to rule and reign, not the people, but the sin. We are living in a very wicked world, it is the need of the hour to make our children rich, not in the world, but in the Spirit.

Look at the successful people in the Old Covenant like Isaac, Joseph, Moses, David, Samuel, Daniel, they were all brought up in the fear of the Lord from their childhood.

And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man. (Luke 2: 52)
May God help us

Stay Blessed 😊

God’s purposes will succeed 2 kings 11:1-12

Queen Athaliah, daughter of Ahab and Jezebel uses her power to kill any possible claimant to the throne of Judah v1. She is the only woman ever to hold the throne in Israel. Her slaughter of heirs posed a threat to the Davidic dynasty and to the future of the nation In attempting to completely destroy the house of David, she attacks God’s redemptive plan to send Messiah, son of David

But despite Athaliah’s murderous slaught ,one grandson survives, a baby rescued by Jehosheba his aunt, and wife of the high priest Jehoiada 2 chro 22:11

It must be hard for the priest Jehoiada to wait for six long years during the evil rule by Queen Athaliah until he was able to reveal the hidden boy king Joash. Jehoiada had to wait. Waiting is always hard, God’s timing is the best

People play a decisive part in making or breaking a king. Palace army and others combine to aniont Joash king, renew the covenant between themselves and Yahweh 2 kings 11:17. They tore down the temple of Baal and killed the priest of Baal.

Our God is a God of justice. God’s purposes can never be thwarted even by the most ruthless anti-God rulers

Cynthia Sathiaraj