Live And Let Live

📖 Deuteronomy 20-24

Moses, in his final messages, had spilled out some teachings and warnings (some are tiny but we often overlooked them) that are needed TO BE A GOOD CITIZEN:

🌳 Save Green Vegetation: Do not destroy the trees.. do not cut them down (20:19-20). Because of this act we have witnessed floods, landslides, global warming etc.

🍑 Fruiting Trees are to be protected (20:19)

🦜 Mother Birds: Do not kill them (22:6-7)

🐃🐐 Animals: Do not yoke the weaker animal to the stronger (22:10)

🌿 🐃 Animal’s Welfare: Let the working animals get the chance to eat (25:4)

🌈 God’s loving care extended to his creation.

📌 Administer justice and corporal punishment (21:18-21 ; 25:1-3)

📌 HELP YOUR BROTHER (22:1-4 ; 25:5-10)

~ Extra marital sex (22:13-30)
~ Exploitation of women (24:1-4)
~ Injustice to labourers (24:14-15)
~ Shrine prostitute (23:17-18)
~ Broken marriage (22:13-30; 24:1-4)
~ Oppression on aliens,orphans and widows 24:17)
~ Human Trafficking (24:7)
~ Avoid conflict: Offer peace treaty (29:10)

🌾💰 Offer your first fruits and tithes (26:1-15)

👣 Follow the Lord’s commands (26:16-19)

💕 Beloved Church, by obeying the above tips, we will contribute in making our society harmonious, pleasant and healthy.
Christians are called to be the salt and the light of the world. With this quality we can be a GOOD CITIZEN and witness the love of Jesus Christ ✝️

✍🏾 Mark Boje, ArP 🇮🇳