Do not rejoice when someone fall

Both Ammon and Moab were of incestuous origin– descendants of Lot (Gen 19:36-38). They did not welcome Israel when they were on the way to the promised land but instead they hired a prophet to curse the Israelites (Deut 23:3-4)

Ammon – When Israel was weak, Ammon oppressed them and tried to take their land
(2Chr 20:10-12) They were rejoicing (Aha!; clapping, stamping their feets) when Jerusalem fell and the Israelites were taken into exile (25:3,6).
📌 Yahweh will completely exterminate them (25:7; Amos 1:13-15)

Moab– The reason for their judgement also included their gloating over Israel’s fall, and they have ridicule the people of Judah that they have suffered the same fate as other nations (25:8 ;Jer 48:26-30,42 )

Edom– They took revenge on Judah (25:12) by invading in the days of king Jehoshaphat and king Amaziah (2Chr 20:10-12 ; 25:11-12).
📌 Yahweh will take vengeance on Edom (25:14)

Philistia– the reason for their judgement was perpetual enmity against Israel. Like Edomites, they avenged themselves on Judah with malice in their hearts (25:15)
📌 Yahweh will take a great vengeance on them (25:17)

Tyre– Yahweh is against them because in pride she rejoiced over the destruction of Judah (her economic rival), and sought to prosper from Jerusalem’s defeat (26:2-3).
📌 Yahweh will bring many nations against Tyre like waves of the sea (26: 3-6)

💕 Beloved Church, just as Yahweh judged all these nations for their rejoicing at Judah’s expense, so He will also judge us if we allow ourselves to rejoice when calamities comes on others, even if they are our enemies.

✝ Jesus said, “Love your enemies”. Let us pay heed to this and never rejoice when others FAIL or FALL.

✅ The above judgement is a fulfilment of Yahweh’s promise to Abraham — “I will bless those who bless you and whoever curses you I will curse” Gen 12:3
📌 Yahweh is against pride, greed, arrogant, rude and ungodliness.

Glory to God 🙏
✍🏽 Mark Boje
Arunachal Pradesh, India 🇮🇳