Can We Ever Arise To Sine?

Arise, shine; For Your Light has come! And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you.” (60:1)

This is the most, invigorating, enlivening, and confidence- building call mankind has ever received. It is such an energising call that it can pump life into a dead man !

There are two parts to this exhortation.

  1. The one that wakes us up with so much exhilaration, forms the first part. It is a call that was very unusual in the Old Testament days. In those days calls were simply war-cries. The enemy would come any time. Be awake always. The enemy is here. Charge. Kill. Annihilate. Plunder.

For a people accustomed to hearing these sort of calls all the time, here is a very refreshing one. Instead of hiding in the darkness and attacking, you are called to come out into the light, make yourself seen and spread light around you. Instead of killing, give light. From destruction to salvation. Human culture takes a new turn here.

  1. A realization and insight that you have become a new creation is reflected in the second part. Remember, this reassurance was given to the Israelites who were captives in Babylon, who lost their identity, forgot their rich legacy, lost all hope and confidence. Your light has come! The glory of the Lord id risen upon you! What more is required for them to get rejuvenated and enthusiastic?

There is no doubt that this is also a prophecy about the coming of Jesus Christ in to the world. Jesus came at a time when it was darkness all around and all hopes were dashed. He came spreading light and arousing hope for mankind.

Today, our world is a replica of the world of Jesus’ times. And therefore, the call to arise and shine is meant for us also.

Due to the depressing developments around the world, the Covid-19, our old age and fear, many are not enthusiastic enough to even leave their beds, let alone arise and shine.

As we have the light come upon us and the glory of the Lord shines on us, let us awake, spread light, ward off darkness and instil confidence in others.

George Joseph Trivandrum


Isaiah 60 :1, 2 “Arise shine the light is come the glory of the lord is risen upon upon thee

Many of us are waiting on the Lord to shine his light upon us .
But the Lord has already made us lights in this dark World. We only now have to stand up and Shine.

Darkness cannot extinguish light. Light extinguishes darkness. Darkness should not alarm God’s people. Because we belong to him. And we are lights.

In this dark time the lord expects us to shine with greater intensity than ever before.
The whole world longs for an answer. And we have the answer.
Christ is the answer.

But to give off that light we need the Spirit of God in and upon us. Isaiah 61:1- when the Spirit of the lord is upon me and anoints me, it binds up the broken hearts, proclaims liberty and releases those bound.

So light can shine only when there is oil in our lamps. We need the fullness of the Anointing to shine with increased intensity.

Of late maybe we have dimmed. We are discouraged and feel lost. But the Lord but the lord reminds us to fill a lamps again with fresh oil and shine in the darkness around us.

Then we will have an answer to the world’s confused queries..
There will be discoveries that the Lord will give to the world. Prophets will arise to give counsel to kings.
There will be Revelation knowledge from the Word of God.