Allotment to Caleb Joshua 14:6-15

Now give me this hill country that the lord promised me that day .You yourself heard then that the Amalekites were there and their cities were large and fortified but the lord helping me,I will drive them out just as He said

Caleb wanted the land promised to him when he and Joshua explored Canaan 45 years earlier (Num 13:28_30,Num 14:24)At that time , the Israelites feared the giants sons of Anak and their large fortified cities*Despite Caleb’s confidence that God would enable them to conquer the land the Israelites rebelled.God punished them by making them wander for 38 more years. Now Caleb wanted that very land Hebron as vindication of his faith

Caleb is now 85 years old,his faith is still vibrant as it was 40 years earlier.Though he was 85 years old,he was still strong and able to fight. Caleb looked beyond serious obstacles in God’s unbreakable promise that Israel would occupy Canaan Even when outnumbered by enemies,Caleb trusted God. and God richly rewarded him by giving Hebron. Caleb who followed the lord fully (vs 14) grew stronger in faith even in old age..He had a honored place among the faithful.

Cynthia Sathiaraj