Nehemiah Chapters 1-6

✅ Nehemiah Chapters 1-6✅

✅The first point I have is Nehemiah had sadness of heart. This means that he was not sad because he got hurt from the outside but because he was emotionally feeling bad inside in his heart.
He had sadness of heart because when one person really loves a thing or place or person when that thing place or person is damaged or destroyed or hurt that person will also be hurt. Nehemiah really loved the city that belonged to the place where he stayed and that was the city of Jerusalem, city of the people of God. This is the place where he had lived before and now it was shattered and wall broken so he wanted to rebuild it.

✅We will also have sadness of heart when somebody doesn’t take God’s name in a proper manner or makes fun of God’s name or say something wrong about God.

✅Nehemiah had lived a simple life. He was the governor and was leading the people there to rebuild God’s city and he did not ask any of the royal food and meat or the 40 shekels income or payment that governors used to receive in the Bible times. Nehemiah 5:15

✅Now Nehemiah was never proud of what he helped to accomplish. He always gave thanks to God and asked God to strengthen his hands so that he and the people of God could rebuild the city of God. He was not proud because he had done such a feat and nobody else had ever thought to do such a tremendous task in 52 days. Nehemiah 6:15

✅Nehemiah was extremely generous; he did not take the income or extra money for doing this task or for leading the people of Israel. Now we already discussed about that but if you remember the officials were demanding more money and land and they were making the other people poorer so they were actually getting angry at the officials and said that it was no difference if we were in exile. Chapter 5.

✅Well the next part is the part which I think is the most wonderful part of all.
Nehemiah says that if anyone continues to take more land and money that person will be shaken out of their house and possession and as a demonstration, he shakes his folds of his robe. Nehemiah 5:13

✅Nehemiah was kind and caring to the people because he really thought about what they need. He cared about their children and their fields and vineyards and he did not want them to become poor like they had been when God had allowed them to be attacked and handed over to the Gentiles.

✅Nehemiah was also very responsible. He took all the work and the responsibility to rebuild the entire wall and he wanted to lead the people of God to complete the task which was provided to him.

✅He was serving as a cup bearer to the king and this was the earthly King Artaxerxes.

He didn’t want to leave his responsibility as a cup bearer to the king because if he left that position then there would be no cupbearer for at least like one day and the food could be poisoned. The cupbearer’s job is to make sure that the king’s food is safe to eat.

✅Nehemiah was holy because he always asked God to help him to make the right choices and decisions. Sometimes we think that what we think is right. For instance, here is a situation in which you can ask God’s help to make the right decision or you could ask somebody else or take the decision yourself for example if you were the president and you were asked to make a decision. If a manufacturing department asked you if they could construct a factory near an ocean or not; so here you could ask God to help you to make the right decision.

You may not have to be a president or a person of high authority you can just make decisions in your very homes; they can be eating an apple over eating the candy, it can be limiting your screen time, it can be doing your quiet time before you complete and send your document to somebody so Nehemiah had set everything aside and was focused and wanted the help of God to complete this task because he asked God to strengthen his hand so he could do the job and he actually completed it in a record’s time.

✅He actually didn’t even stop working even after Sanballat and Geshem called him to meet because he knew that the work that God has given him is more important than anything else in his life. Nehemiah Chapter 6.

✅We may have our quiet time, fellowship with people, attend church and do things which God tells us to do but Satan is always there to discourage us in the form of people or even things. Here is a situation that can occur in a person’s life. If someone is working professional and that person needs to attend a Bible Study or a worship service, that person will have the situation in which he has to complete a task but instead he would choose to do the Bible Study. So, we need to stop Satan and tell him to not disturb us and when he tries to do, we will do our best and we will ask God to help us to carry out what he has done even when they sent a hired prophet to Nehemiah he was holy in Gods sight and asked God to help him to do right and therefore was righteous in God’s sight and he knew that, that prophet was not from God because God will never ask you to stop His work when He has started. Nehemiah 6:12
That is the main thing we can learn from this passage of Nehemiah.

✅Nehemiah was very persevering and he was the type of man who didn’t let anything which was ungodly or unholy to interrupt the task which was carried out for God and he is actually didn’t even stop the work or get discouraged even when two people, Sanballat and Tobiah try to stop him, they try to mock him and jeer him even to the point of killing the entire city.
They would try to assemble armies and, in the end, Nehemiah just says, “strengthen my hands Lord” because his enemies think that their hands will be tired and they will be scared of us. Nehemiah 6:9

All in all, this book teaches us to leave our things which are of personal use and think about the big picture what God has placed in our lives ask Him to help us to complete the big picture and to glorify Him while doing it.

Prateek Emmanuel, Grade 5
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