God wiping out those who refused to repent of the spirit

Inspite of God providing for the Israelites with water to drink at so many different stages of during their journey in the wilderness, yet once again, they vehemently complain about the lack of water in a very negative, questioning and distrustful manner, Numbers 20:2-11!

Yet, God graciously makes provision for them once more. However, this time Moses, in a fit of rage, loses his temper against the complaining lot and disobeys the specific instruction that God gave him in connection with how he was to obtain water for them, vs 7-11. This causes, both him and Aaron, lose their right to enter the Promised Land, vs 12,13! God gives us more grace when our burdens grow greater.

However, we need to be humble in order to receive the same. If we continue fretting over evil doers, it will only lead us to evil doing as well, and will prevent us from entering into the promised land too, Psalm 37:1-9! Miriam’s death, Aaron’s death, rejection by the Edomites from allowing the Israelites to pass through their land, Numbers 20:1, 14-29, were some of the painful incidents that they went through during this phase of their journey, which is often experienced by each of us too at different stages in our lives. As we look to the Lord in humility and faith, it is He alone who gives us grace to overwhelmingly conquer, during these times, through Christ Jesus our Lord.

During this time, we also see God wiping out those who refused to repent of the spirit of complaining and grumbling by causing them to be bitten by poisonous snakes, Numbers 21:6. It was only those who relented and looked upon the bronze serpent, that Moses put up in the wilderness, who were spared of God’s wrath, vs 7-9.

The kings of Canaan, the Amorites and Bashan who came against them, were a means that God used to enable them conquer those lands, vs 1-3; 21-35. Similarly, when God allows people’s hearts to be hardened against us, we must not be dismayed but believe that God is intending for us to overcome our sins that surface when passing through those hard places in our lives! Now as they arrive at the plains of Moab, they stand as a people who are well pleasing to God, and the delight of His heart, Numbers 22:1!

The King of Moab who recognises this, calls for help from the prophet Balaam, asking him to come and put a curse on them, vs 2-6. However, God intervenes and on using divine angelic intervention prevents this plan of king Balak from prospering, vs 7-41!

Thus, we too can be assured that as we walk in faith, obedience and humility, we ensure that God is for us, and thus, try as they may, no one will be able to prevail against us! For God Himself, will vindicate us in broad daylight, and publicly defend our just cause in due season, Psalms 37:6!

So, let us be patient in tribulation and quick to repent of all anger, grumbling and complaining that surfaces while passing through the same, so as to enable God give us victory over our flesh, fear, unbelief, depression and the like, that we be made ready as a people zealous for every good work and whom no one can put a curse on, for then God will be for us to bless and favour us! Amen.

Rowena Thomas
Mumbai, India.