Moses cried unto the Lord

🔆 God’s Protection 🔆
The baby destined to be Israel’s great leader was born. Due to the king’s orders to kill the boy babies the mother had to do something to protect him. She made a papyrus basket. As Noah and family were saved in the ark this baby was saved in the basket. It was put among the reeds near the river. God’s ways are so wonderful. The king’s daughter saw this basket and decided to take the child and he was named Moses as he was taken out of the water.

🚸 Moses Flees to Midian 🚸
Moses killed an Egyptian who was fighting with a Hebrew man and buried him. The next day after a dispute with a Hebrew man he had to flee to Midian because they knew about the murder of the previous day. He feared the king and had to flee. In Midian he arrived at the priest’s house whose name was Reuel. Moses cared for his sheep and he was given Zipporah, the priest’s daughter in marriage. God blessed him with a son named Gershom.

📣 The Call of Moses 📣
The Israelites were groaning in Egypt and cried to God. God was concerned about them and was going to rescue them. As Moses was grazing the sheep in the desert, God called him out of a bush to be the leader for Israel. Moses felt unfit but God encouraged him and said, I will be with you, and my name is I AM THAT I AM. Moses was to lead the people out of Egypt. But God knew that Pharaoh will not allow them unless a mighty hand compels him.

🔅 Moses makes Excuses 🔅
Moses said that he was not eloquent and that he was slow of speech. He asked God to send someone else. God said that Aaron could go with him.

✴️ Pharoah’s Harshness ✴️
Moses and Aaron arrived in Egypt and they went to Pharoah. They asked Pharoah to allow the Israelites to go out into the desert to worship the Lord. Pharoah was very angry and said that the Israelites should not be given any straw.

They should go out and get straw and make the same number of bricks each day. He refused to allow them to go out to worship. The Israelites were very angry with Moses because they were treated harshly. Moses cried unto the Lord saying, Pharoah has brought trouble upon the people and you have not rescued them. Why have you sent me?

🚼 Obedience to God’s Call 🚼
When God calls a believer to do something for Him very often the response is negative. Fear that they are not eloquent or they are slow of speech or some other family problem hinders them from obeying God’s call. We should always remember it’s God and His power that is going to use us for His glory and step out boldly and prayerfully trusting in God’s faithfulness.

Mrs Caroline Chellappa 📝

Ex 3:17 I have promised to rescue you from your oppression in Egypt. I will lead you to the land flowing with milk and honey _ the land where the Canaanites … live

God made a promise through Moses to the people. The two promises are
I will bring you out of Egypt
I will bring you into Canaan
Only the first was fulfilled for those elders who heard it.only half of God’s promise was fulfilled because the people did not respond in faith when the time came to enter Canaan.God’s promises are fulfilled only when we respond in faith. Only caleb and Joshua believed God’s promise and so experienced it.

Cynthia Sathiaraj